• The Multisectorial Platform against Late Payments (PMcM) has estimated the state of late payment in Spain through a survey system of its associated and third-party organizations in January 2023, with over 500 respondents.
  • The average payment term of the private sector in 2022 was 67 days, 5 days less than the estimate for 2021, still far from the 60 days established by the Spanish Law 15/2010.
  • The companies that take the longest to pay are large companies (55%). Only 26% of large companies pay within the legal term.
  • The average payment term of the public sector is estimated at 67 days, higher in 6 days than that term estimated in 2021.
  • The default ratio (% of defaults with respect to the total turnover), is estimated in 2022 at 5%, slightly higher than the 4,8% in 2021.
  • 81% of the respondents do not know the Business Creation and Growth Law approved in September 2022.
  • The subcontractors charge from the main contractors at 100 days on average.
  • 92% of those who had applied for a public subsidy for an amount greater than 30,000€ after October 2022 have not had to provide any specific certification about their average payment terms.
  • 94% of surveyed companies did not claim legal compensation for recovery costs in case of payment delay or default; 84% never or almost never claimed default interest from their clients; and 61% are imposed payment terms longer than those allowed by law.
  • The expectation regarding their payment terms in 2023 remains unchanged for 65% of those surveyed.
  • When the list of large late-paying companies is published, 68% will continue to accept being a supplier to those companies included in that list (that pay outside the legal term).
  • Although most respondents (62%) are aware of the existence of the current legislation against late payments, the share of companies that are not aware of this law is still surprisingly high (38%).
  • 93% of the respondents share the need to implement a penalty scheme for late paying.

Late Payment Report 2022


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